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Yes – neuropathy can be reversed!

For a long time, doctors thought nerve damage form peripheral neuropathy was irreversible. They believed that once the nerves died, the only help was medication to give temporary relief.

Thanks to cutting edge research and advanced treatment options, neuropathy sufferers are not only reducing or eliminating their reliance on painkillers, but actually regaining nerve function that they thought they’d lost forever.

At Light Wave Wellness, we’re proud to be among a small group of medical experts who are helping patients reverse their neuropathy symptoms and return to more active, fulfilling lifestyles


Let’s take a refresher course on this common condition.

Peripheral neuropathy is an umbrella term for progressive damage to the sensitive nerves of your feet and toes. Diabetes and chemotherapy are the two most common causes, but certainly not the only ones – injuries, autoimmune disease, exposure to toxins or certain medications are some of the hundred of causes.

There is always constriction or narrowing of the blood vessels. Since there isn’t sufficient blood flow to the nerves, the nerves degenerate and die.

Neuropathy can progress slowly, over the course of years or even decades. Sometimes it progresses rapidly. However, slowly but surely, become more and more damaged and symptoms worsen. Tingling and burning sensations eventually evolve into constant, significant pain.

Finally, all sensation is completely lost, leaving your feet numb – and extremely susceptible to injury, balance issues and sleep problems.

A Revolution in Neuropathy Treatment

No, we’re not saying that our treatment is going to make you feel like a kid again. Nor can we promise perfect results in every case. It’s not magic.

But at the same time, “revolutionary” is absolutely a fair word to use.

If you experience:

Tingling, itching, or numbness of hands or feet

Sharp, stabbing pains

Weak, heavy feeling in the arms or legs

Buzzing or shocking sensation

Balance problems

Sleep issues

Then our Neuropathy Reversal program will absolutely give you the best chance to turn these around. Most people who undergo this treatment experience significant reduction in symptoms and improvement in their condition.

So what do we do?

Firstly, not everyone qualifies for this program.

To see if Dr. Lagstein will accept you into the program, we need to do 2 simple, non-invasive tests to determine:

Do you have neuropathy and to what extent

Is it too early or too late to treat

Are there any disqualifying conditions

Thanks to new medical advancements, we can now effectively treat many cases of chronic neuropathy and help you regain nerve function, without endless medications. Our program can help you:

Significantly reduce the amount of medication you take to control your neuropathy—or eliminate it altogether

Regain much of the feeling and nerve function you thought you'd maybe lost forever

Return to activities you used to enjoy

We’ll give you a trial infrared light treatment for immediate relief.

Our neuropathy program provides the best chance to achieve these goals. Please call today to see if you qualify for our neuropathy program.

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