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Getting back to normal after experiencing prolonged pain can be tedious and frustrating. Not being able to play with the (grand)kids, go for a run, or even go up and down the stairs, like you used to can take its toll on you.

The good news is, we can help you get out of pain and get back to your normal, active life. Our customized program looks at your entire body, not just one part. In developing a comprehensive treatment plan, we start with natural approaches to help you to achieve relief without drugs and surgery.

For acute pain, a 15-minute session in our "photobiomodulation LED bed" is often enough to relieve the pain. We also use a one-minute treatment using our infrared light for acute and chronic pain.

For chronic pain, more sessions are required. Chronic pain often develops from past injuries and stubborn inflammation and is often a result of:


Back Pain



Muscle Pain

When you have chronic pain, top-notch health care is necessary and can significantly improve your quality of life. Our treatments can:

Reduce or Eliminate Your Pain

Improve Your Mobility

Aid Recovery From Sports Injuries

Improve Overall Balance

Help You Feel Better Physically & Mentally!

What are some ways chronic pain can impact my life?

Many people with chronic pain struggle to keep up with their daily activities. If you have severe pain, you may be unable to work or care for your children.

You might also quit exercising, abandon your hobbies, and give up on social activities. In time, chronic pain can affect every area of your life.

At Light Wave Wellness, the staff works tirelessly to help you get to the root of your chronic pain. The Light Wave Wellness team develops customized treatment plans. Your personalized care plan can help you find safe, long-term pain relief.

How is chronic pain treated?

Many physicians rely on pharmaceutical painkillers to help patients manage chronic pain. But these medications can carry severe health risks, including the possibility of addiction.

At Light Wave Wellness, Dr. Lagstein develops a comprehensive treatment plan, starting with natural approaches, helping you achieve pain relief without drugs or surgery.

The “photobiomodulation LED bed” diminishes pain. For acute pain, it usually takes only one 15 minute session to relieve the pain. Chronic pain takes more sessions.

Diet plays a vital role in pain management. The right nutrients can reduce inflammation, increase your energy levels, and relieve pain. Your customized nutrition plan is designed to improve your gut health and nourish your body.

Fitness is also essential for managing your pain. If you have chronic pain, you may be nervous about physical activity and fear that exercise will make your symptoms worse. But exercise can help improve blood flow and muscle flexibility.

The Light Wave Wellness team can guide you through a customized fitness plan to increase your activity levels safely and relieve your pain.

Light Wave Wellness also uses cutting-edge noninvasive treatments like infrared light therapy and photobiomodulation. These treatments may help reduce your pain and improve your physical function. Infrared light treatments are performed right in the office with no surgical incisions or recovery time.

Ready to learn more about your options for natural pain relief? Call Light Wave Wellness today or book a consultation online.

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