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Each year, millions of Americans struggle and fail to lose weight. Light Wave Wellness in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, provides the support you need to shed excess pounds and inches. Marvin Lagstein, DMD, provides innovative infra-red light therapy, which shrinks fat cells. Most people lose 2 inches or more in just one visit! He also provides customized nutritional plans to boost your metabolism and detoxify your body, promoting long-term weight loss.

Slow metabolism

An imbalanced diet

Lack of exercise

Health conditions

Prescription medications

Rather than provide quick-fix solutions like diet pills or plastic surgery, our program emphasizes natural and holistic treatments that can help you shed those excess pounds. Those treatments involve the use of our innovative infrared light therapy, which helps our patients make significant progress after just one visit.

As an effective supplement to our infrared light therapy, we also provide customized nutritional plans that help boost metabolism and detoxify the body.

What causes weight gain?

Coping with weight gain can be stressful, and triggers for weight gain are often hard to understand. Sometimes, you can gain weight even if you watch your diet and get regular exercise.

Undiagnosed health conditions and prescription medications sometimes cause unexpected weight gain. But in other cases, a sluggish metabolism could be responsible for your weight gain. Metabolic problems can affect people of all ages and body types.

How does my metabolism affect my weight?

Your metabolism determines how many calories you burn each day. Each person has a unique base metabolic rate (BMR).

Your BMR is a measurement of the number of calories your body needs to perform its natural functions at rest. These functions include breathing, creating new cells, and keeping your organs working.

Your BMR isn’t the only factor that affects the number of calories you burn each day. Exercise can also help you burn extra calories and shed excess weight, but if your metabolism is sluggish, even exercise may not be enough to help you lose weight.

Light Wave Wellness can help you figure out what’s causing weight problems. Dr. Lagstein and his team develop customized treatment plans designed to work with your body to boost your metabolism.

What treatments can help me lose weight safely?

Light Wave Wellness emphasizes natural, holistic treatments for weight loss. It may be tempting to seek out quick-fixes like diet pills or plastic surgery, but these treatments can be harmful to your overall health.

At Light Wave Wellness, you can get help losing weight without medication or surgery. Natural treatments can promote weight loss while protecting your long-term health.

A healthy diet is an essential part of weight loss. The Light Wave Wellness team helps you choose foods that will boost your metabolism and nourish your gut biome. They have nutritional supplement programs that turbo-charge your metabolism.

Your customized food plan also helps ensure that your body gets the nutrients it needs. Meanwhile, your treatment plan also cleanses your system of harmful toxins.

Ready to finally shed those unwanted pounds? Let Light Wave Wellness provide you with a personalized weight-loss plan. Call the office today or book an appointment online.

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